• red glove and pattern
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    How to sew a Basic Glove

    In this content I am instructing on how a basic glove is sown. I am sewing the pattern I have sown in the previous blog, ‘How to draw a basic glove pattern‘. I will be making leather gloves. Leather gloves are made from a soft lightweight, durable leather; and these are the properties of the leather I am using, which is Springbok leather. You can watch this content on my YouTube channel as well, I will provide the link below. Pattern Tracing and Cutting Sewing Thumb to Thumb Hole Sewing Fourchettes Sewing Finger Tops Hemming Click here for YouTube Tutorial Pattern Tracing and Cutting When cutting your pattern parts out,…

  • A body tape measure
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    Dressmaking Guide: How to read a body tape measure

    A dressmaker is a person who makes clothes. To make clothes, the dressmaker uses a body tape measure to measure someone’s body for body measurements. So when starting off as a dressmaker, you require the ability to read body measurements. Myself as a dressmaker, in this content I will share with you how to read body measurements using both inch and centimeter tape measures. Feel free to jump to the item that interest you: A tape measure What is an inch? How to read a body tape measure in inches What is a centimeter? How to read a body tape measure in centimeters A tape measure A tape measure, also…