• red glove and pattern
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    How to sew a Basic Glove

    In this content I am instructing on how a basic glove is sown. I am sewing the pattern I have sown in the previous blog, ‘How to draw a basic glove pattern‘. I will be making leather gloves. Leather gloves are made from a soft lightweight, durable leather; and these are the properties of the leather I am using, which is Springbok leather. You can watch this content on my YouTube channel as well, I will provide the link below. Pattern Tracing and Cutting Sewing Thumb to Thumb Hole Sewing Fourchettes Sewing Finger Tops Hemming Click here for YouTube Tutorial Pattern Tracing and Cutting When cutting your pattern parts out,…

  • the basic glove pattern
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    How to draw a Basic Glove Pattern

    Leather and fabric gloves are some of the best gloves made today. They can both be made using the same glove pattern. In this content I am therefore sharing on how to draw up a basic glove pattern for leather and fabric gloves; and I will be using my hand as a model for this pattern. I will also provide the link to my YouTube tutorial of this pattern. Hand Tracing  Glove Body Drafting Glove Body: Back Pattern Glove Body: Front Pattern Glove Body: Thumb Hole Thumb Pattern Fourchette Pattern  Click here for YouTube Tutorial Hand Tracing Take a paper and draw a vertical line on it. This line will…

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    4 Best Midi & Maxi Dress Styles for Fall/ Winter

    One thing that gets me excited about Winter the most is styling myself. Yes, I love Winter styling! In this blog I am touching on midi and maxi dresses. A midi or maxi dress is a good replacement when you don’t feel like wearing a pair of pants on a cold day. Below follows 4 best midi and maxi dress styles for Fall/ Winter: Floral Print Dress paired with a Turtleneck. Floral Print Dress paired with a Chic Top. Ruffled Dress paired with a Turtleneck. Ruffled Dress paired with Jeans. Floral Print Dress paired with a Turtleneck I like wearing my midi and maxi dresses with belts over them. This…

  • A body tape measure
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    Dressmaking Guide: How to read a body tape measure

    A dressmaker is a person who makes clothes. To make clothes, the dressmaker uses a body tape measure to measure someone’s body for body measurements. So when starting off as a dressmaker, you require the ability to read body measurements. Myself as a dressmaker, in this content I will share with you how to read body measurements using both inch and centimeter tape measures. Feel free to jump to the item that interest you: A tape measure What is an inch? How to read a body tape measure in inches What is a centimeter? How to read a body tape measure in centimeters A tape measure A tape measure, also…

  • Affordable everyday fashion & styling jean shorts
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    Affordable everyday fashion & styling jean shorts

    Jean shorts are a popular wear not just for summer but also for street and everyday wear. I love everyday wear because it does not have to be high quality or expensive. It is the most affordable wear I have researched. Like most of you, I like a high-waisted jean short, and there are two ways of many ways I like to style my high-waisted jean shorts for everyday wear. The jean short I am wearing is a thrift I bought from a vintage store some years ago. This short is actually an original Sissy Boy brand denim jean of the 70’s! awesome! When I bought it, it was a…

  • My favorite piece in the closet
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    My favorite piece in the closet

    I’d say the best outfit to have in the closet is one I am able to wear in all seasons, and at almost every place. Here I am wearing my Leopard print mesh dress by MRP. This is my favorite piece in the closet at the moment. It is the outfit I think of the most when I need to go out. It is a good outfit to wear when you want to look covered up but still have the curves of your body showing at the same time. I am wearing it with a black vest and black calf length leggings to keep the curves of my body showing…