Affordable everyday fashion & styling jean shorts
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Affordable everyday fashion & styling jean shorts

Affordable everyday fashion & styling jean shorts

Jean shorts are a popular wear not just for summer but also for street and everyday wear. I love everyday wear because it does not have to be high quality or expensive. It is the most affordable wear I have researched. Like most of you, I like a high-waisted jean short, and there are two ways of many ways I like to style my high-waisted jean shorts for everyday wear.

The jean short I am wearing is a thrift I bought from a vintage store some years ago. This short is actually an original Sissy Boy brand denim jean of the 70’s! awesome! When I bought it, it was a high-waisted long skinny jean. Its price was just US$1.34. I then redesigned the look and turned it into a thigh-long folded bottom denim jean short. This jean is old but still very quality and stable. Its old grey jean look is still very trendy in today’s fashion. I will link below both thrift and new affordable high-waist jean shorts.

On a warm day, high-waist shorts are great to wear matched with crop tops. It is not just a great look, it is a look you will have on and still have your belly button covered. I am wearing my short with my white off-shoulder layered sleeves crop top that I bought from Legit for just less than US$13.

One way I like to wear this look is tucking my white off-shoulder crop top into my high-waist jean short and adding jewelry around my neck. Here I am wearing a metallic neck piece, but gold jewelry will also boost the look. The other way I wear it is having my crop top untucked with no jewelry added for a simple look.

Now that the lockdowns are coming to an end. It’s time to plan your everyday indoor and outgoing wear! Which of these two styles will you try out first for your high-waisted jean shorts? Or, tell me how you style your high-waisted jean shorts?

Affordable everyday fashion & styling jean shorts
Affordable everyday fashion & styling jean shorts



SHORTS – Thrift vintage high-waisted Sissy Boy denim jean shorts (SOLD OUT). Get similar:

SHEIN- Paperbag Waist Roll Hem Slant Pocket Denim Shorts
SHEIN- Slant Pocket Roll Hem Denim Shorts
SHEIN- High Waist Denim Biker Shorts
SHEIN- Turn Up Hem Solid Denim Shorts

TOP – Legit White Off-shoulder Sleeve Crop top (SOLD OUT). Get similar:

NASTY GAL- Textured Long Sleeve Wrap Blouse
NASTY GAL- Satin Wide Sleeved Wrap Crop Top

NASTY GAL- Square Neck Button Down Cropped Blouse

Other beautiful crop tops

NASTY GAL- Sit Back Cropped Sweater
NASTY GAL- Basic Sleeveless Crop T-Shirt

Beautiful high waisted jean shorts for less than US$50


SHEIN- Skinny Denim Shorts Without Belt
AMAZON- Milumia Women’s Casual High Waisted Hemming Denim Jean Shorts
SHEIN- Raw Trim Skinny Denim Short
SHEIN- High Rise Roll Mini Denim Shorts

Beautiful thrift high waisted jean shorts for less than US$50

POSHMARK- Levi’s Brand New Vintage Inspired Mom Shorts
POSHMARK- 80’s Korean Shorts

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